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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Anne Gard
Influences: Scandinavian , North American , Asian
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Photo by: Anne Gard
About: Gladiator of Light
Photo by: Anne Gard
About: Moonrayne
Photo by: Anne Gard
About: "Hidden Messages"
Photo by: Anne Gard
About: Studio
Photo by: Anne Gard
About: " Take Me Home "
Anne Gard`s background is from shamanism and through her deep understanding of nature. She expresses herself through drumming (shamandrum) and chanting (channeling).

Due to her strong connection to shamanism, this became a natural main element in her music. The genre and the songs she composes can be viewed as a musical expression of a channeled ancient language. The instruments is often inspired by indian, sami and ethnical music.

Anne has managed to create a vital counterpart to today`s mainstream popmusic, in which Anne’s distinguished deep voice creates a vocal debth that opens up to the possibility to connect with your own inner core.Due to her deep and warm vocal, Anne want`s to create a balanse through adding high piched "guestvocals" in her songs. She uses these Contrast`s (deep and bright) to enhance the balance in her music.

The freedom and love in her music inspires to open up and give yourself away to the great variety in the songs. Anne expresses herself from the bottom of her heart and touches many levels.