Pratap Bhattarai & KUTUMBA
Influences: India , Asian
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November 2023 #12 - Top 40 for India Influence Mero Nepal (track)
November 2023 #5 - Top 40 for India Influence Maya Re Ratna (track)
November 2023 #30 - Global Top 40 Maya Re Ratna (track)
“Mero Nepal” is a homage to centuries-old folk traditions in Nepal.The songs recorded in this album are in their most authentic form – using traditional acoustic instruments played by the well-known Nepali band, Kutumba, combined with the vocal prowess of Pratap Bhattarai, a Nepali vocalist.The album features familiar folk favorites and three newly composed folk tracks written by Pratap Bhattarai himself.

DME flew to Nepal and recorded these artists over the course of 6 days in June 2018. Mixed and mastered in France by Jacques-Yves Lafontaine, this album is a testament to musical globalization – where artists and audiences can share in the joy of authentic world music.

Desi Music Entertainment, LLC (DME) is a label committed to producing and supporting audio/video content by the South-Asian community.In addition to helping artists produce modern popular content, the label is dedicated to the preservation of traditional and folk musics from various parts of India and South-Asia.

Go on this journey with us, and experience Nepal.