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Batch Gueye Official
United Kingdom
Influences: African , North African , Caribbean
Genres: folk, world, senegal, west african, baye fall, griot, batch gueye, rootsworld, rootsm'balax, m'balax
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February 2022 #17 - Top 40 for African Influence POOR by BATCH GUEYE (video)
June 2021 #9 - Top 40 for African Influence BOULE FATTE (track)
May 2021 #7 - Top 40 for African Influence BOULE FATTE (track)
About: Batch Gueye Band at Bristol Volksfest
About: Batch Gueye at Bristol Volksfest
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Batch Gueye sings the traditional music of the Senegalese Baye Fall with a soulful voice, magically bringing the heart of West-Africa to you. Soulful West African Griot Music.

In November 2012 Batch's song M'Beugel has won the World Music Network's Battle of the Bands competition with a landslide public vote. After an EP and a debut album, Ndirarigne, Batch is now back with his much longed after second album. The album (2017) is called Xamle meaning Storyteller in his native Wolof.

"Beautiful voice, lovely acoustic music that breaths the melodies and traditions of the Baye Fall in Senegal."

"Batch's music is upbeat and compassionate. It makes me feel like part of the same family."

"Batch's songs are joyful and melancholic, they express freshness, warmth and vitality, and remind me of Africa and more genuine and truthful relationships among people. Deeper connections and links with the rhythm of the Earth and with tradition, a strong sense of belonging. In some of his songs I feel a moving pain that reminds me of bonds that survived the distance. His music is a tonic for the soul.

"Batch's music reminds me of the roots music from our ancient home lands of Africa - it brings joy to the soul and vibration to every gene!"

"Intensity, focus, expression."

"When I think of Batch I think of a man who is an educator and protector of Baye Fall rich history and culture."

"For me Batch's sound is unique - I listen to a lot of music from Senegal, Mali, Gambia, Guinea so obviously I can place his music within those traditions and music cultures. There are things that would seem similar but to me Batch's songs have a folk feel which is lovely.

"For me Batch's sound is definitely related to Senegal, le Bayfall, it feels relaxing."

"When I hear Batch's music I think of Senegal, Mother Africa."

"Calmness and beautiful sounds."

"Mystical, deep Senegalese rhythm."