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Traditional Music - Rock - Blues Feeling

Aldo-Forgette is an unlikely meeting that is clearly adding to an already rich journey for these two musicians, Alban and Dominique, whose reputations are well established in feeling/blues/rock and central-French traditional music, respectively.

Following the guideline that both musicians would retain their own landscapes and emotions, expressions and styles, Aldo-Forgette has chosen to create a consensual but unique universe, which must meet the public's expectations as much for the Rock genre as for current traditional music, such as the seasoned dancer of the “Bal Trad”.

The music of Aldo-Forgette, which could be listened to and/or danced to, oscillates between the groove of a packed 2-time progressive rock, the swing of the Scottish-hip hop, the sweetness of the mazurka-Boston-blues, the swing of the packed 3-beat zouk, the pace of polka-reggae, the energy of the waltz-pop-hard-grass, not to mention the improvisations to escape, to stay free...

Alban BOUQUETTE is also the guitarist of Acid 'Love. At Studio Azy, he arranges, composes, and produces songs for many different artists. Recently he contributed to the adventures of Canadian band Ham, of Benwah, of Aalbaette, Mr. Jack's, Saintazy Little Joke, Les Pères Jacques...

Dominique FORGES is also a composer and professor-director of the Department of Traditional Music of the Music Conservatory of Nevers. He runs several programs: the Traditional Music Ensemble of Nevers, the Bandabéro band, the street gang "Release the Dogs" within his own company "La Cie Bérot”.
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