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Ali Hudson
November 11/23/20, 2020
We are particularly excited about this featured artist because of his cool, charismatic, and confident demeanor. Reigning from Boston, Munk Duane is a man of many talents, perfecting the craft of songwriting, song production, film composition, and MUCH more. Munk’s music comes from his many respected influences, like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Prince just to name a few.

Munk is not a newbie to the music world, in fact he’s grown tremendously through the years, and that is extremely prevalent in his newest release, “Sweet Tooth”, that dropped on October 23rd. Not only is it fitting for the next holiday coming up, where we’ll all be indulging in our spookiest, sweet tooth.

Munk’s track begins with the smoothest intro, some easy claps, and some psychedelic vibes, before his smooth and catchy vocals come into the track. The song is sexy, haunting, and sweet all in one record.

“I get the feeling this will end bad.” This song plays with the flirty, dangerous feeling of chasing after something (or someone) you know you shouldn’t mess around with.

We absolutely love the R&B inspired, smooth jazzy type of vibe that Munk has created with this track, and we cannot wait to hear more from him.

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