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The musical phenomenon called Zetod was born in 2003 as a youth band founded by Kristjan Priks, an alumnus of the Viljandi Culture Academy, in Värska, deep in the heart of Setomaa in Southeastern Estonia. The idea to have young Seto boys rendering their native culture in the key of pop rock seemed novel at the time and has led to a success never before experienced by arrangers of traditional music in Estonia. Zetod are a bunch of strapping lads with an exotic flair of rich cultural heritage, which the blandness of the surrounding mainstream pop only serves to accentuate. This, complemented by charming stage presence, instrumental finesse, and tastefully witty yet powerful electric string arrangements of folk songs and tunes, sparks excitement and recognition even in listeners less familiar with heritage music. The example of Zetod is definitely inspiring, which is crucial for raising folk music awareness in general. — Ando Kiviberg, director of Estonian Traditional Music Centre

Zetod have performed in all major folk music festivals in Estonia (Viljandi, Võru, Hiiu, Märjamaa, Viru), also at rock festivals (Rabarock, Kapa Rock), in the USA, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, France, Belgium, Poland, and Russia.

Jalmar Vabarna – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 2-row diatonic button accordion

Jaanus Viskar – vocals, bass guitar

Martin Kütt – drums

Artur Linnus – vocals, accordion

Matis Leima – vocals, violin, 2-row diatonic button accordion

Rainer Koik – sound engineer


LP “Lätsi kõrtsu” (2013)

LP “Lätsi sanna” (2010)

Single “Kats sõsar kargasõ’”

LP “Lätsi tarrõ tagasi” (2008)

LP “Lätsi välä kaema” (2005)


“Band of the Year” 2011 (at the Estonian Pop Music Awards gala “Golden Disc”).

Prizes for the best album and the best band in 2011 (at the Folk Music Awards gala “Etnokulp” organized by the Estonian Traditional Music Centre and Radio 2).

Nominated for “Etno/Folk Artist of the Year” for the album “Lätsi sanna” (at the Estonian Music Awards gala 2011).

“Etno/Folk Artist of the Year 2009” for the album “Lätsi tarrõ tagasi” (at the Estonian Music Awards gala 2009).

Viru Folk Music Festival Special Prize for popularizing folk music (at the Estonian Pop Music Awards gala 2009).

Prizes for the best album, the best band, and the best song in 2009 (at the Folk Music Awards gala “Etnokulp” organized by the Estonian Traditional Music Centre and Radio 2).

Anne Vabarna National Culture Prize of 2008 for “Introducing Seto Identity in the World”.

“Young Activist” prize of 2008 by Põlvamaa expert group of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Anne Vabarna National Culture Prize of 2005 for “Successful Arranging of Folk Music, Popular Concert Activity and Preserving the Seto Identity”.
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