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About ""Curry Yur Earbuds" By: Kingwasabe"
About "Curry Yur Earbuds" by: Kingwasabe- This is an original composition created and performed by Gordon Henry'c. It is a demonstrative sample offering of personal progressive expressive ideas relating to the experimentation with what I choose to describe as "Irrational Binding Phenomenon", binding blends of timing, micro-tonal transitioning supported within reliefs of migrating musical scale transitioning, as presented in this performance piece. Many folks are listening through Earbuds and technology of those has evolved profoundly. This recording is created and mastered for the modern listening experience through which I aspire to share my love of the guitar. The instrument played is recent experiment in reshaping an inexpensive (US$50) generic Acoustic Guitar in which my modifications here feature an Attenuated Electret Microphone placed inside the bout of the guitar along with hand wired Piezo discs strategically located within the bout of the instrument, and also behind the bridge saddle where the strings make direct contact to a braided Piezo Element. There is also a special hand wound Neodymium Coil Pickup and all three pick ups are individually onboard EQ'd for the enhanced sound spectrum. This track obviates a personal goal, which is to share with the listener the subtle tones that are discoverable if one places their ear close to the bout of the guitar while strumming it's strings. The effort here is to replicate and share the revealed "Voices" within this experience. Releasing these voices is an exhilarating fascination for me and it describes my "Life Experiences" and obviates the drive of musical expressions further and deeper in my being. This piece is an original composition recorded straight out of the mixer with minimal analogue signal degeneration from conversion to digital which is necessary for web publishing. The "Heart" inspirations in this piece are of combined ethnic influences. Nuances of "East-India" harmonic drone tones sought with conventional guitar tuning and coupled with the stylized application of combined Jazz rhythm and movement technique. The tuning reference is A-432, a personal choice "Best" for seeking expression through the work presented here.

About Kingwasabe: Singer songwriter, Composer, Music Producer, Luthier. World Music and Cultural Explorer, self-immersed in the origins and traditions of rhythm & dance. Concert cellist at age 10, and progressing because of life long passion to keep learning about musical expressions of the soul humanity and evolve and contribute to Music/ Art History. When I pass the portal of mortality, It... more
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