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October 2022 #32 - Top 40 for Indian & South Asian Influence Habibi (track)
April 2021 #40 - Top 40 for Indian & South Asian Influence Habibi (track)
January 2021 #39 - Top 40 for Indian & South Asian Influence Habibi (track)
Rimi Basu and the Shakti Collective offer a one-of-a-kind worldbeat electronic event that showcases live music with Indian classical dance. Bringing together musicians from diverse backgrounds and influences, from jazz to electronic, to Indian and Middle Eastern music, the essence of Shakti is that within diversity, there is unity, as well as true beauty. The collective consists of Rimi Basu (Vocals), Bruce Katsu (Guitar), Brad Hannon (Keyboards), Shaun Chesley (Percussion), and Jaideep Chakravorty (Sitar).

Rimi Basu, lead singer and performer, represents a unique and versatile addition to the American music industry. An ex-medical school student who defied Indian-American societal expectations to run away to India and become a musician, she has since completed two music albums and toured around the world. Trained in Indian classical music and dance from a young age, as well as an accomplished belly dancer, her unique selling proposition is the combination of both music and dance in her live performances. Her goal has been and will continue to be to increase appreciation for Indian music and culture through unique and experimental fusion with Western styles. A talented and dynamic singer and dancer of various styles, ranging from Indian classical to R&B and pop, her unique brand of cultural fusion engages and intrigues a broad range of listeners. Her trademark style has kept audiences in awe worldwide.
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