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Just 6
South Africa
Influences: African
Genres: acappella
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February 2023 #1 - Top 40 for African Influence THE LION KING - CIRCLE OF LIFE (JUST 6 COVER) (video)
February 2023 #3 - Global Top 40 THE LION KING - CIRCLE OF LIFE (JUST 6 COVER) (video)
January 2023 #19 - Top 40 for African Influence THE LION KING - CIRCLE OF LIFE (JUST 6 COVER) (video)
JUST 6 is a six member Afro-Pop group from Pretoria, South Africa, established in
2011. Over the years, Just 6 has been greatly appreciated for their clean crisp vocals,
distinct harmonies and unforgettable melodies and have recently been Grammy nominated. By effortlessly fusing their voices, they
have always been able to leave a lasting impression on all their audiences both Locally
and Internationally, with a fresh style they call AFRO-VOCAL PLAY.
AFRO-VOCAL PLAY is the emulation and imitation of instrument sounds with only the
human voice.

Just 6 was formed in 2011 by Rashaka Mbevhana at church as a four part harmony
group singing traditional doo-wop gospel music. Later on that year Nkosie Hospas and
Fezile Mavuso would join the group to make it the dynamic sextet we know today as
Just 6.
The group has since won multiple awards and has left a footprint in both national and
international platforms. Partnering with MIAGI (Music Is A Great Investment)
Organization the group has toured Europe multiple times since 2016.
The group's inspirational heartfelt music had been shared through two EP's ("Stimela"
and "Take Me Back") and three award winning albums ("Kuzolunga", “Afro-Vocal Play
Volume 1” and “uKhisimusi – A Just 6 Christmas”).