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INTERNATIONAL GEM. RUSSIAN ARTIST JULIANA SINGS LATIN MUSIC When you first start listening to an artist, there's an in-between period of them sharing and impacting your memory. You're searching for something familiar in their lyrics, their tone, ot their expressions: it's during that time, that the artist is most magical. Juliana is that magical moment. The internationally renowned Russian-American singer and actress she is remarkable talent: poised to leave her impact on the entertainment industry. LOS ROMANCES DEL MUNDO (ROMANCES OF THE WORLD). MUSIC: Rarely do artist completely change the direction of sound and do it so effortlessly as world music singer Juliana (Julia Polanskaya) does. Her latest music project showcased in Los Angeles, CA called "Los Romances Del Mundo" is so much more then average collection of musical recordings. It's a diverse fusion project that sends you on a roller coaster of feeling and to hear Juliana's voice is to be thrust headlong into climatic musical interlude. "Historia Un Amor", enters with quant flamenco isntrumentation folloed by Juliana's impassioned vocal presence coupled with a solid music score this track is nothing short of amazing. "Si Nos Dejan" and "Fina Estampa", are both surprisingly beautiful tributes with well-timed drum cadences and a perfect amalgam of rich instrumentation. While "Nostalgias" Argentinian tango, is a genre shattering fusio of Latin Jazz with a little bit of pop (and I do mean little). Juliana's vocals are full of delightcreating melodic stories while simultaneousely drawing the listener into a musical trance. Watch video preview  "Los Romances Del Mundo" - is the perfect combination of musical stories of love and passion coupled with pure artistic talent of Juliana. Its a solid work of art from beginning to end: in an age where music is coming to be more and more refined by one dimensional labels, Juliana's music timeless, genre defiant, and destined to be around for years to come.     more
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