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December 12/06/21, 2021
&seb\'s new Lo-fi Pop single \ The young up and coming musician from the Bronx, &seb, just released his newest single, "I'm Okay," a lo-fi bedroom pop song inspired by his own experience with a breach of trust with someone he was close too. With a sound similar to that of Timbland and MGMT, &seb works with the idea that he's talking in a mirror to a reflection of himself. He repeats "I'm Okay" in an effort to convince himself that he is, even if he isn't.

Listen to "I'm Okay" here:

His songs are about the little inconveniences in life turned into music. He draws inspiration from the feeling of putting Netflix on a constant run because the remote is across the room, the feeling of putting orange juice in your cereal instead of milk, and the feeling of putting on your pants on backwards. He is one of the only artists out there that really relates to the common person.

"I'm Okay" is more personal and deeper than his other works, but still in the same vein. He hopes to make people smile and groove to his music like he does with Glass Animals, Billie Eilish, and Djo. &seb is unlike any other artist out there and is bound to be successful.

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