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Influences: Latin American , African
Genres: brasil groove, brasil, world, groove, vocal, la reunion, percussion, samba
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September 2022 #4 - Top 40 for Latin American Influence Fogo de Oyá (video)
September 2022 #35 - Global Top 40 Fogo de Oyá (video)
June 2021 #8 - Top 40 for Latin American Influence Fogo de Oyá (video)
2 times in the Global Top 40
Sarahysha - Fogo de Oyá
Photo by: Sarahysha
About: ÌYÁ AMAPÔ project
SarahYsha is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, choreographer and visual artist living in Reunion Island since 2017. Her work links her studies in Afro-Brazilian music, dance and performance with Asian techniques of research and human development. In her performances, she seeks to establish an interdisciplinary language between the body, the visual arts and ancestrality in the contemporary body.

Today, her creative process involves music and performance as a tool for dialogue on issues of femininity, Afro-diasporic ancestry and the true nature of the human being. Creating a dynamic exchange between artistic languages, SarahYsha seeks, in her plural universe, to develop her experience with the public in an authentic, profound, and poetic way.
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