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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influences: Balkan , East European
Genres: etno folklore and alectronic
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Photo by: BELONOGA
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Photo by: BELONOGA
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Photo by: BELONOGA
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BELONOGA „Through the Eyes of the Sun“ (Elen Music Label)

After the extraordinary and very successful music production in the world of music‘THE ARCH‘of the French music magicianHECTOR ZAZOUtogether with the best Bulgarian voices, theEVA Quartet, we are now presenting our new music production.BELONOGAis known to the audience asGergana Dimitrova, one of the outstanding singers of‘Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares’and the‘Eva Quartet’. On her first own album – not just as a singer but also composer –Belonogais experimenting with her voice. Thus, an extraordinary new music, extremely rich in emotions, came into being – a dialogue between the archaic culture of theAboriginesandPygmiesand the melodies of Bulgaria.A key role in the project was also played byAleks Nushev, who helped Belonoga to realize her ideas over years of studio work.The producerDimiter Panev(Ivo Papasov, Hector Zazou & Eva Quartet “The Arch” brought unconventional ideas to the project, helping create a new musical and sound experience.The emergence of some music is inexplicable, but the music itself speaks strongly of the person who created it. In Belonoga’s music the listener is taken to anew musical world – beautiful, bright, archaic, contemporary and harmonic.

“It’s a highly effective beautifully imagined and refreshing recording, and a worthy successor to previous releases by this pioneering Iabel.”Songlines / Kim Burton