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Gary Wayne Clark
Dead Balance - Behind the Music New Music! Psychedelic Rock / World Native American. Includes 2 Clouzine International Music Award Winning Songs. Heetíh-néé'eesoo.    Inspiration Inspired by Clark's Amazon Top Selling western horror novel “Dead Balance”, the music and lyrics of Grammys® Recording Academy Artist Gary Wayne Clark’s "Dead Balance" transports the listener on a spiritual journey into the surreal shadow world of the Ancient Ones. Immersed in a haunting dreamscape of evanescent textures, mystical Native American poetry, flutes, drums and neo-psychedelic guitar riffs, the spirit of a troubled Arapaho boy named Logan Lone Bear Tuu'awata is trapped between two worlds as he calls out to his soul mate, Raven Thunder Sky. With a host of ethereal voices speaking a shamanic spectral dream language of Arapaho and English, the songs of Dead Balance deliver a heartfelt message across the divide for those who desperately cling to love... beyond the boundaries of this world. Arapaho Prayer Heetih-kou3-iine'etii-n [Live a long life] Heetih-niini'-iine'etii-n [Live a good life] Heetih-'iiyoo3-iine'etii-n [Live a clean life] Hoow-uusetee [It is not done] Heetce’nóóhobé3en [Goodbye, I will see you again]  Nohuusóho' [Amen] Native American proverbs teach us, that “day and night can’t live together,” and “there can be no rainbow without our tears.” True, but I choose to believe that for some of us, “dreams are the only truth, until we awake.” And as Henry David Thoreau opined, “Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” I have to go with HDT on this one.. Background For all those who are suffering in their own silent insanity, who hear voices from the dark, and are contemplating a permanent solution to a temporary problem - do not despair. As Logan’s story begins – “Listen to me, I am telling you a story. You are strong; you and I are strong.” If you reach out you will find that other kindred souls are out there, waiting to hear your voice. These words were written in the stars and spoken through me in a dream -- “It is in our darkest hour, perched on the cliff of helplessness as we stare down into the depths of despair, that we suddenly realize one immutable truth: we are not alone in the universe. If we open our eyes and our hearts, we will see that there are others in this world that can help us. Others that have confronted their own demons and beat them back, and even though scarred from their lifelong battles, they are willing to open their hearts and offer us shelter from our own storm. It is in that moment in which we acknowledge our own vulnerability that we can find our inner strength, our voice, and our resolve to fight for the life that we deserve. That is not to say that the road ahead will be smooth; it will not be. Our existence will always be a struggle, a struggle to maintain control of our life, our thoughts, and indeed, our very sanity. But when the dust finally settles on our turmoil, we will find that it has been the struggle for life that defines who we are, and who we can become. And therein lies the hidden epiphany along our rocky path; we need not walk it alone. For it is by helping others, as we both struggle at the doorstep of insanity, that we each become stronger. And it is in that instance of altruism that our destiny will be revealed, and we will find our place in this world as we turn darkness into light.” ~Logan Lone Bear Tuu'awata “Yes, Niwot. The dark road you traveled with Guardian has ended, but our journey together into the light…it has just begun.” ~Ten Bears   A Story Begins.. “Hoo3itoo. Koo-he-etn-oo3itoon-e3?”  A story. Should I tell you a story? “Beneeni-noo neyoooxet cowo’oot.”  I am a whirlwind passing by.  “Hehheisonoonin neniitoneino', noh hebesiibeih'in,” Let them hear us, our fathers and our grandfathers,  “Heetihcihkoutee' hoowu3oow hiine'etiit.” So that the breath of life will endure for all time. ~Arapaho Proverb  Like Logan, we all have our own inner demons to deal with. And as my inner voice warns, “Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.” Until we meet in the Sky World one day my friend, I shall remain vigilant.  Credits Words and Music by Gary Wayne Clark; a.k.a., Ten Bears & Earamas . Arrangements, Recording Engineering, Production by Gary Wayne Clark. SFX and Nature Sounds by Gary Wayne Clark. Electric Bass, Synthesized Bass, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Drums and Rattles by Gary Wayne Clark. Lead Guitars by Alexandra Nicole ‘Spice’ Clark. Lead Vocals on In My Dream by Alexandra Nicole Clark and Gary Wayne Clark. Lead Vocals and Backup Vocals on all other songs by Gary Wayne Clark. Spoken Words in Arapaho, Hopi, Shawnee, Spanish and English by Gary Wayne Clark. Rhythm Guitar by Rob ‘Coyote Feather’ Leavitt on Logan’s Lament. Percussion by Shilo ‘Stro’ Stroman on In My Dream, River of Lost Souls and Logan’s Lament. Acoustic Percussion tracks recorded with Riley at the Downtown Artery, Ft. Collins, Colorado.   more
Gary Wayne Clarkis an Author, Grammy® Recording Academy Artist, Indie Singer / Songwriter and Poet that writes and records under the name Gary Wayne Clark, Gary Clark, and his band Earamas® / Earamas™.
7 time winner of the prestigious Clouzine International Music Awards for “Buddhist Quotes and Music, In My Dream”, "River of Lost Souls", 'Dark Secret", "Change ... more
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