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Original reinventor of the Chinese instrument zhongruan, music pioneer, guitar hero, mad composer, and electronic, jazz, rock, folk, experimental musician, Djang San (the artist formerly known as Zhang Si'an) is one of the veterans of the Chinese music scene and a music visionary and expeditionary. One of the first foreigners to perform, write, and record entire albums in Chinese Mandarin in the early 2000s (and not Mandopop), he was also one of the first to include ancient Chinese poetry in modern music. After buying his first zhongruan in 2002, he became one of the first to include that instrument in modern folk music, experimental music, and the first to record and perform jazz standards with that same instrument. He has also done a lot in including that instrument in rock music, bringing it out of the shadows, while it was only a secondary instrument in Beijing opera. Winner of the Global Battle of the Bands in mainland China and Hong Kong in 2010-2011 against about 100 bands, Djang San continues to inspire Chinese and foreign artists alike. Over the last 14 years, Djang San has released 24 albums of all styles, always exploring and researching music styles and cultures. Djang San is an East-meets-West pioneer, crossing not only cultures but also music genres.
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