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August 08/23/17, 2017
Sare Nau (9 1/2)

oronto Tabla Ensemble releases new single Nine-and-a-Half (Sare Nau)

The Toronto Tabla Ensemble (TTE) has released another exciting single titled Sare Nau, written in a rare rhythmic cycle of nine-and-a-half beats. The piece was composed by the Ensemble’s artistic director Ritesh Das and features an energetic layering of rhythms from the tabla, mridangam, ghatam, and drum kit. 

Sare Nau is the first collaboration between the TTE and drummer Nilan Chaudhuri, who transcribed the entire composition from the language of tabla to perform it on the drum kit. Chaudhuri is also an accomplished tabla player and the son of legendary tabla maestro, Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. His background and mastery of both instruments has allowed him to provide a unique presence and sound on the track.

The single is the second to be heard from TTE’s sixth album, Bhumika scheduled for release in early 2018. The album focuses on the technique, energy, and versatility of classical North Indian rhythms augmented through collaboration and contemporary arrangements. Other guest artists include sarod player, Swapnamoy Banerjee, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Donald Quan, and Japanese taiko master, Kiyoshi Nagata.

Since 1991, the TTE has helped bring North Indian classical music to the mainstream in Toronto with its innovative concerts and recordings. The Ensemble has produced three music videos and five original albums, including the Juno-nominated Firedance. The Ensemble’s original music has been used in numerous films and commercials, and in 2003 the Ensemble was commissioned to create the current theme music for CBC Radio’s daily morning show, Metro Morning.

For more information on the new album and upcoming TTE concerts, visit: