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Cem Tuncer
United Kingdom
Influences: Middle Eastern , Mediterranean , West European
Genres: world, electronic, soundtrack, jazz, funk, wold music (karadeniz), etnic / folk, fusion, ambience, dark
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I was born in Germany on July 27, 1978. After having an interest in lots of different instruments, I finally ended up in a serious and intimate relationship with the bass guitar in 1999. After 4 years of hard work, I started to participate in local bands and take the stage professionally. In 2004, I came to grip with jazz. We took part mainly in jazz festivals as BETONE and TRIBASS which are both band projects. I released my own album Buddha’s Groove in 2009.

I set up drum – bass guitar workshops in prominent universities of Turkey. I conducted a seminar at Bilkent University in 2013 at an organization called ATMM (Audio Technologies for Music and Media) on “choice of types of trees and the factors affecting the sound”.

I wrote columns in “drum ‘n’ bass” magazine.

In TRT, national public broadcaster of Turkey, I worked as a sound designer and art director in a documentary series entitled “The Sound of The City”. I composed numerous original songs for short films and documentaries. I still produce music for commercials and promotion films.

In addition to all these, I performed in many album recordings of well-known musicians.