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Dani Lança
Influences: Latin American , Mediterranean , Caribbean
Genres: reggae, rumba, patchanka, urban beats, ragga, world, ska
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February 2022 #27 - Top 40 for Caribbean Influence WORKING (video)
January 2021 #19 - Top 40 for Caribbean Influence WORKING (video)
Photo by: Dani Lança
About: Dani Lança live 2
Photo by: Dani Lança
About: Dani Lança live
Photo by: Dani Lança
About: Dani's band
Photo by: Dani Lança
About: DANI

Daniel Lança, musician, self-taught researcher, composer and singer (Lisbon/1976). Since a very young age he started showing a great interest in music and free expression deepening his singing studies with African, Hindu, Lyric and Voice craft masters.Using different rhythms in his compositions, he is nowadays totally engaged with African cadences, to which he gives a modern and personal touch. His lyrics speak about the invisible world, about the will of life, magic and of a new world. Lyrics about humanity, about the ability to travel with your conscience, of love and hope.On a musical level, his aim is to offer the public a space, other than academic, without pre-established structures or languages, a space in constant transformation and of the utmost spontaneity.He has eight independent published cd’s and a single of “GrupoHacia” by “WhatAboutMusic”.FESTIVALES and CONCERTS EN 2013: Festival Reperkucion(Galicia)Festival Parco Condar(Italia)Opening act of Manu Chao(18-4-13 / Llobregat/Barcelona)Opening act of Manu Chao(27-7-13 / Mataro/Barcelona) “Barcelona Street Orkestra” 2012 “TiemblaBarrio” 2012 “Grupo Hacia Electro” 2010/2011 “Efecto Sube” 2010 “Flow” 2009 “Dr. Sativo y la Voz Popular” 2009 “Lenguaje sin verbo” 2009 “Musica silencio” 2008 “Quarteto Urban Beat Style” 2007 “Hacia…de ir” 2006 “Encuentros con Isidoro” 2003 “Hacia” 2001 “Madagascar” 2000 “Folkquintet” 1999 “Tribo do sol” 1999 “Fendas del cel” 1998

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