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About: Karmana
About: Karmana Songs of the Roma
Guitar virtuoso Simon Thacker's duo with the outstanding young Polish cellist Justyna Jablonska performs compelling new music which distills the essence of Simon's pioneering intercultural experiences to create new sound worlds. Their current programme is Karmana. They also collaborate with leading performers from diverse traditions.

Karmana is Sanskrit for "performing anything by means of magic," and the programme is informed by the belief in the mystical, transformative power of sound, drawing upon Simon’s unique inspirations and collaborations around the world. Karmana combines elements from classical, Indian, Celtic, Balkan, Flamenco, Eastern European Gypsy, and Polish music, with Simon adding, transforming, and subverting the elements of each that move him the most to deepen the expressivity of his own musical language. The result is new music of a rare emotional directness, spontaneity, and inner searching, embracing the incredible sonic palette of guitar and cello.
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