Influence: North American
About "Connecticut Avenue SUVs"
Shifting time meter Funk! The title expresses the composer's distain for contending with monster SUVs when driving on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC.

This piece is a minimalist composition -- the melody is only 16 bars. However, it has expanded improvisation concepts for the soloist and the ensemble. There's a great amount of freedom to take the music in many creative directions. The ensemble's collective improvisation is intended to have an effect of quickly changing music and radio sounds as one can hear in heavy traffic.

The musicians on the recording are Jason Shapiro, soprano saxophone; E. Shawn Qaissaunee, guitar; Brian Howell, bass; Skip Rohrich, drums; and David Arivett, horn section.

NOTE: This piece has also been scored for woodwind quintet and jazz rhythm section. Flexible instrumentation is used to enable the music to be performed by many configurations of wind instruments besides woodwind quintet, There are differences between the ensemble score and this small group recording. If interested, contact me for score & parts.