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Photo by: Marinita
About: Marinita
Photo by: Marinita
About: Marinita
Photo by: Marinita
Photo by: Marinita
Photo by: Marinita
Photo by: Marinita
Marinita (Marina Zakharova) is a Ukrainian singer, pianist, and composer. The original style of Marinita was described by many critics as a unique combination of different genres such as classical, jazz, Jewish, Ukrainian, Gypsy, Azeri, and other oriental folk music traditions. Marinita plays with the amazing Azeri percussion player from Kyiv, Orhan Agabeyli. Together with him, Marinita has six projects with different brilliant musicians:

- Mark Eliyahu - Israeli star, kamancheh player, and composer
- Amir Shahsar - well-known musician, Persian ney, and clarinet virtuoso
- Ferenc Bernáth - beautiful classical guitar player from Budapest
- Amir Perelman from New Song of Jerusalem Ensemble. Very well-known Israeli musician and composer (oud, bouzouki, guitar).
- Shirhan Agabeyli, an amazing bass player and singer, the brother of Orhan Agabeyli.

Marina had a lot of tours in the EU countries, USA, Israel, and Ukraine. She took part in many international festivals, including:

- Sacred Music Festival (Jerusalem, Israel)
- Art of Tolerance (Ukraine)
- PalmJazz (Poland)
- Jazz Days in Megiddo (Israel)
- Nessiah (Pisa, Italy)
- Jazz Bez (Ukraine-Poland)
- Warsaw Summer Jazz Days (Warsaw, Poland)
- City Stages (Birmingham, USA)
- ZaJazz (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
- and many others

Marinita released five albums:

- Marinita - 2015
- Galilee - 2008
- Sand & Stone - 2005
- In The Focus of Time - 2004
- Behind The Horizon - 1999
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