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Scott Jeffers Traveler
United States
Influences: West European , Middle Eastern , North American
Genres: world, acoustic, fusion, christmas, celtic, hungarian, arabic, klezmer, eastern european, turkish
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December 2022 #40 - Top 40 for West European Influence Traveler: Xmas Wish (video)
December 2022 #24 - Top 40 for West European Influence No Tomorrow (track)
December 2022 #12 - Top 40 for Scandinavian Influence Scott Jeffers: Deadman of the Deep (video)
Join in on the worldwide adventures of Traveler. For many years now, Scott Jeffers has traveled the world to gather inspiration for the Traveler project. more
2014 CD release: Winds of Ksar Ghilane Composed in the summer of 2014 during a month and a half trek through the beautiful mountainous regions of the Turkish coast, the secluded Gypsy villages of Transylvania and the solemn desert of Tunisia. The voice of these exotic lands speaks strong in the melodies, with some elements of deeply rooted American folk and blues gently woven in. A true reflection of this Traveler's journey. Songs: 1. Gypsy Bird 2. All the Way To the Moon 3. If You’re Not Livin 4. Cows of Kilyos 5. Show Me a Sign 6. American Boy ( Persian Girl) 7. Vessel 8. Winds of Ksar Ghilane 9. Tunis Bazaar 10. Hitch the Wagon 11. Long Road Traveler's Ksar Ghilane is available at more
2014 CD release: Traveler Christmas Scott Jeffers: A very special collection of some of my favorite traditional Christmas songs; as well as original songs composed mostly on Christmas Eves and lyrical collaborations with family and friends. Shall the Christmas Star   Bring peace in your mind Shall the old-time songs   Bring a sparkle to your eyes - Christmas Wish Cover art by Jaswant Khalsa 1. Shepherds and Angels    2. The Little Drummer Boy  /  Celebration    3. Christmas Wish 4. For This Child We Sing    5. Come All Ye Faithful  /  King of Angels 6. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / King Wenceslas 7. Gold Frankincense and Myrrh  8. Hoshana 9. Starry Night     10. Auld Lang Syne  Traveler Christmas is available online at more
About: Traveler at the MIM Global Music Festival
About: Traveler at the MIM Global Music Festival - 2014
About: Traveler at the 10th Anniversary Robson Valley Music Festival, Canada - 2014
About: Scott Jeffers - Traveler - Petra
About: Traveler - Scott Jeffers - Kaya Fest, Kayaköy, Turkey
About: Traveler - Scott Jeffers - International World Music Festival, Fethiye, Turkey
Scott Jeffers Band leader for Traveler, a world fusion music group. Violinist, composer, lead singer and performer.


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CD releases

Out of the Dust - 2019
The Celtic Collection - 2016
Symphonia - 2015
Winds of Ksar Ghilane - 2014
Traveler Christmas -
Onward Journey - 2013
Marrakesh - 2012
Mutiny -
Mongol - 2011


TRAVELER: an innovative, new fusion of World Music combined with all the power of a full blown rock band. Scott Jeffers is Traveler's composer, lead performer and band leader; his vision is to blend elements of ancient ethnic music with Rock. Captivating sound of violin, oud, Middle Eastern percussion along with ethnic instruments collected during Scott Jeffers’ journeys dominate the concerts. The compositions range from fiery through playful songs to heart-wrenching ballads inspired while traveling on treks across the harsh deserts of Jordan, Egypt and across the contrasting landscape of the Emerald Isle, on the sand dunes of Morocco, at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in birdsong-filled forests of Transylvania, in the rain forests of Malaysia, touring the ancient amphitheaters in Turkey. The real magic of a Traveler concert is in the connection the band makes with the audience. TRAVELER, the ROCK BAND has been a favorite headlining act at festivals in Canada, the US and Turkey. ACOUSTIC TRAVELER is a returning favorite of the spectacular Las Noches de las Luminarias festival in the US.
SCOTT JEFFERS SOLO concert: original compositions in the frame of a one-man world music showcase performance using exotic instruments, a stompbox invention with Moroccan Karkaba castanets on a hinge system to provide a heavy downbeat Groove. Solo concerts feature compositions that are not heard anywhere else, and mesmerizing violin improvisations.