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Monk Party
Influence: India
Silence Flooded Trance Album Review Review By Grahak Cunningham. Monk Party has just released Silence Flooded Trance . Made up of father and son duo, Pragunya and Nelson Myers-Daly their influences include the kirtan devotional music scene, ancient Indian mantras, Moroccan and middle eastern music plus a wide range of world and spiritual music genres. The melodies of Sri Chinmoy, their meditation teacher, which Monk Party play... more
Pragunya and Nelson’s lifestyles can be likened to that of urban monks in the modern western world, as they share some similarities in their spiritual practice to those monks, seers and sages of the East. Only here they are of the world and for the world, immersed in its activities and day-to-day hustle and bustle. Pragunya and Nelson are ever so fortunate to meditate unde... more
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