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Bushido/節童 is a duo of musicians who promote the joy of music learning through traditional Japanese instruments. Within all cultures is the love of music. Through their passion for sharing their traditional musical instruments, they foster a deeper appreciation of the music by experiencing authentic Japanese traditional instruments such as Taiko, Shakuhachi, Shinobue, Tsugaru Shamisen, and show how closely related we are despite our seeming differences. We are all connected by nature, and within us all is the spark of creativity and inspiration that tells us, "We are Music!"


Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos

Alcvin was born in Japan and spent many years studying the shakuhachi bamboo flute in Japan, eventually attaining his Shihan licenses from some of the greatest players in Japan. He also studies Tsugaru Shamisen from several major players in and out of Japan. Alcvin has shared the stage with many distinguished musicians such as John McLaughlin, Bill Laswell, Huun-Huur-Tu, Celso Machado, Kiyoshi Nagata, and Nagata Shachu, Joseph "Pepe" Danza, Eien Hunter-Ishikawa, The Vancouver Symphonietta, Uzume Taiko, and the Dreamtime Continuum. He has also performed at the Vancouver Jazz Festival, Vancouver Sacred Music Festival, The World Sacred Music Festival in Japan, and founded the Vancouver Shakuhachi Festival and Bamboo-In Shakuhachi Retreat Centre.


Nori Akagi:

Nori is an internationally renowned percussionist with an emphasis on Japanese Taiko and African Djembe drumming. He has toured extensively with the New Asian Ensemble 'Tenga/天河' from Japan and has performed at numerous festivals such as the Fuji Rock Festival in Niigata, Rhythm of the Forest in India, and the International Children's Festival in Seattle. A long-time member of Midnight Taiko in Calgary, AB, Nori is now a freelance collaborative musician based out of North Vancouver, BC.


Bushido's EP, 'Emergence,' is downloadable here.

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