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June 2024 #12 - Top 40 for Asian Influence New Angels (track)
May 2024 #19 - Top 40 for Asian Influence New Angels (track)
April 2024 #12 - Top 40 for Asian Influence New Angels (track)
About: Big Gulp
About: Performing in Akureyri Iceland
About: Recording in Chiang Mai
About: Parabola live at Kex in Reykjavk.
About: Steintryggur-The dream
About: Haci Tekbilek-Aiyb Dieng-Steingrimur Gudmundsson
Steingrimur Gudmundsson, a musician born in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland in 1958, has had a rich and diverse musical journey. In 1976, he pursued his passion for drums by studying in Stockholm. Later, in 1980, he delved into Indian percussion at the Ali Akbar College of Music in California. A significant musical experience awaited him in 1983 when he moved to upstate New York to participate in a remarkable music venture at Karl Berger's Creative Music Studio, collaborating with renowned musicians. In 1987, Steingrimur co-founded the band Súld with the Polish violinist Szymon Kuran. Together, they created music that resonated across Iceland, Canada, and the UK. Súld was active from 1986 to 1992. This musical journey reflects Steingrimur Gudmundsson's dedication to exploring diverse musical genres and collaborating with artists to create captivating music experiences that transcend borders and cultures.
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