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Kiva Simova
Influences: North American , East European , African
Genres: unclassifiable, overtone singing, jazz fusion, world, jazz, cajun, fusion, improvisation, eclectic, celtic
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April 2023 #39 - Top 40 for Oceanian Influence Meeting In Dreamtime (track)
April 2023 #34 - Top 40 for West European Influence Regret (track)
March 2023 #34 - Top 40 for West European Influence Regret (track)
First off, listing only 3 ethnic influences is not enough. Add Balkan, Latin, North American, Caribbean, Tuvan, East Indian...all with the special spice of overtone singing (2 pitches from 1 voice). Kiva is known as a pioneer in this field, blending it with all the above genres. Her wide ranging chameleon-like voice goes from innocent to exotic, often in a single breath. Also a keyboardist, she has 3 solo CDs- The Ladder, Pulse, and The Quality of Light. She is frequently invited to sing improvised vocals with other artists, providing a 'shaman-esque edge' of textural soundscapes.

Some career highlights:

-world tour member of Crash Test Dummies 'God Shuffled His Feet' tour '94-'95. Venues included Royal Albert Hall, SNL, David Letterman show, The Tonight Show

-only female foreigner invited to International Symposium of Throat Singing, Tuva, as performer and judge for competition featured in documentary 'Genghis Blues'

-Polyphonic Singing Festival, Albania 2008

-Atlantykron Conference, Romania 2011

-KEIKU Throat Singing Festival, Helsinki 2001

-Prague Overtone Festival, '09, '10. '11, '12

-RESPECT World Music Festival, Prague 2008

-Nordic House, Reykjavik 2001 (invited back Nov 2013)

-invited to World Mouth Harp Festival, Goa, India 2013

-invited as guest vocalist to Jennifer Berezan's 'A Song for all Beings' premiere in Berkeley, CA Nov 2013

-Improvised vocals, live and recorded with: Tanya Tagaq (Canada), Wimme (Finland), Jennifer Berezan (US), Olla Vogala orchestra (Belgium) , Live Ullmann (Norway), Yellow Sisters (CZ), Vladiswar Nadishana (Germany), Rhys Fulber (of Delerium, Canada), The Ormidales (Canada), and others

-film soundtracks: Beit Sha'ar (documentary), Blood Pressure (feature length film)

-directed and composed for her own overtone choir 'Auralia' in Prague

Other influences include: Jane Siberry, Bobby McFerrin, imogen Heap, Lisa Gerrard, Sainkho Namtchylak, Bjork, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan