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Fanfara Tirana is surely one of the most entertaining brass bands coming from the Balkans. Formed by a group of friends from the Albanian Army band who decided, in a light-hearted fashion, that it might be worthwhile to form such a band, just to see what might happen. They contacted veteran singer Mr. Hysni Zela and persuaded him to come out of retirement and join them, which is when the serious fun started. Taking the time-honored tales of heroes and lovers that are the backbone of the Albanian tradition and infusing them with the pumping rhythms of the best Balkan brass styles, they have created something truly innovative yet totally representative. Already blazing new trails at home and now ready for export. After playing at Europe's biggest festivals such as Roskilde, Sziget, WOMAD... selected at WOMEX 2007, TOP 20 at World Music Charts Europe with their first album, "Top of the World" for Songlines Magazine 2007, and many other goals, it's time for a NEW ALBUM! Their new project, "KABATRONICS". Their latest album, released by Piranha, "Albanian Wedding - A Brass Explosion" climbed higher and higher on the World Music Charts Europe for months, but with their new studio work, Fanfara Tirana has gone further on and delivered the whole album to the Londoners' manipulators, the brilliant minds of TransGlobal Underground. The result is a blast!

Niko - vocal

Mr. White - sax soprano/sax alto/clarinet

Mr. Happy - sax alto/clarinet

Skanderbeg - sax alto/clarinet

Colonel James - trumpet

Gas Gas - trumpet

Mr. Keyboard - sax baritone/keyboards

The Professor - tenor horn

Paloma - tenor horn

Golden Boy - tenor horn

The Beauty - tuba

Mario the Gypsy - darbouka, percussion

The Bad - drums
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