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About ""Flamenco Flamingo" By :Kingwasabe"
About "Flamenco Flamingo"- This is an original composition created and performed by Gordon Henry'c. This offering is not described as "Flamenco" , because it is so far distant from that very sacred genre. However the "Flamingo" is intended as a pleasantry to the often misinterpreted rhythm patterns of Compas. These are sacred patterns yet the reach in this piece is to intertwine some originality and cross ethnic blending, so it is based upon reminiscence and precognition, coincidental associations, a process of the Human Mind System that this piece draws from consciousness for support structure. It is Gypsy Influence, in that it does not seek a "Home", because it is very "At Home" in it's creation, yet in similarity, the spirit in the music is constantly on the move.

Singer songwriter, Composer, Music Producer, Luthier. World Music and Cultural Explorer, self-immersed in the origins and traditions of rhythm & dance. Concert cellist at age 10, and progressing because of life long passion to keep learning about musical expressions of the soul humanity and evolve and contribute to Music/ Art History. When I pass the portal of mortality, It is with the joy o... more
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