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Genre: balkan, klezmer
Even though the emigration nerve began to tremble when confronted with the Tasmanian sun, we managed to get everyone back from Australia in one piece. Afenginn is back on European soil - 14 shows and some good scandinavian sunburns richer! Earlier this week we returned from our first trip to Australia and the tour goes straight into top-3 in the Afenginn tour chart - the beautiful landscape, the weather, the friendly and warm people, the great food and the many people to the many shows all adds up. We're very grateful for the amazing response on our music and for everybody making it possible: Cathy and Andrew from Nomadic Fish, The Crooked Fiddle Band, Cygnet Festival, Illawara Festival, Woohoo Revue, Lolo Lovina, Manana, The Vanishing Shapes, Leroy Lee and all the other people we met on the road.  Now back in windy Denmark again getting ready for a go at the german autobahn. Not quite as exotic, but nevertheless we love being on the road in Germany!!   Catch us here: 29.1:  Trillke Gut, Hildesheim  (link to Facebook) 30.1:  Brotfabrik, Frankfurt   31.1:  Laboratorium, Stuttgart   1.2:  KIT Bar, Düsseldorf   3.2:  Struwwelpeter, Kronach   4.2:  Societätstheater, Dresden more

With their ten years, five full lenght albums, numerous grants and awards and around 500 high octane shows worldwide, Afenginn is one of the heavy players in the European field of contemporary world/folk music.

They are continuously seeking new borders and projects to push the limits of their music and are highly active on the live scene with numerous ... more
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