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Jeremy Davis
April 04/12/21, 2021
Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Atoosa Grey has just released the haunting and beautiful “Storms.” This chamber pop ballad has lush strings and a melancholy feel.

Grey wrote this song on the piano, and decided to layer her beautiful playing with a small ensemble consisting of strings and woodwinds. In reference to her album, Atoosa says that “there is light at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes the real enlightenment comes from ruminating in the shadows.” This theme plays out in “Storms,” as the narrator reflects on past events that may have caused some negative impact to better understand them.

Atoosa promises she won’t wait another ten years before she puts out more music. Pondering the many gifts of Dear Darkness, she says: “In telling the truth, these songs gave me hope and freedom. The dark can transform, heal, and toughen us; and ultimately struggle can be a source of much richness in our lives.”

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