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South Africa
Influences: African , East European , Asian
Genres: hip hop, house, afropop, reggae, amapiano, rapp, r and b, masikhandi, hip hop /trap, rggae
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August 2022 #19 - Top 40 for African Influence So Cold By SMK Ft Feelo (Pro By Feelo In USA & OD Beats In RSA ) (track)
July 2022 #3 - Top 40 for African Influence So Cold By SMK Ft Feelo (Pro By Feelo In USA & OD Beats In RSA ) (track)
Varsetile Eastern Cape Musician ,Rapper,Songwritter,Vocalist,Proffesional Perfomer,An independent Recording & perfoming Artist  his Real Name is Samkelo Christoph Mbele his stage Name is SMK Born ,Raised & buttered in Eastern Cape ,inspired by Eminem ,who during the 1990 s Manage to Make it in the industry that was known as the industry for Black fokes & Marshal Mathers ll made it & dominated it,SMK believe that his music deserved to a global attention ,he said Young Or old people can enjoy his music ,he have catered his audience the following Genre s & Ensure that he drop Exclusive Hits ,Hip Hop,Amapiano,Kwaito,Afropop,R&B,Gospel & Masikhanda in one Album (Bluprint 2022) The CapeGod as he is known by his friends, fans & haters said this Album is just an Album of ensuring that he has got hits in multiple Genres ,What more inspired the Rapper beside the influence of Mr Marshal is ,he speaks for the silence ,(people who are afraid to speak out without fear,favor or Prejudice) he said also to teach through his music.You can t listen to my SMK then fter that you don t fill monivated ,SMK Said

Record Label s need to try artist such as SMK for various reason ,multi talented ,he can help in your team of scout When i found DecentDoggz Entertainment A developing Record Label in Cape town the aim was to present on opportunity to unrecognised musician to have a filling of recording their music & have chance to Manage their own work ,like publishing,Distributing ect ,funding was the issue but Western Cape people can tell the major role played by this label ,some will say D Doggz Records that Give Birth to Pride Records .This and few other things can show you who SMK is ,He manage to Mrket the label & the artist under this label more
fire Power Music  from Eastern Cape Born Rapper SMK coming from the dark streets of Eastern Cape in the heart of South Africa in the Eastern Region ,his full name is Samkelo Christoph Mbele ,some call him Monsta,Zikode,Guru Matara they actually call him with his Exclusive Hits from his project of 2020 Album Do Or Die P2 which he confirm that this is the corrections of his previous projects ever since he started his music caree,His Stage Name is taken from his full name & always reflect or aim to original .

Earthnocloud spoke to SMK he said after writting a classword and you failed it You will have to do a corrections meaning that the teacher now must tell you whe did you go wrong ..So SMK is actually fixing that with Do Or Die P2 : A 20 songs Album .The South African Rapper,self trained music Pproducer is now done with his recent Project Bluprint on this one SMK said this is a classic Album an album that contains only Hits ,he is done with it & will soon be busy with an EP tittle #No Retreate No Surenda
SMK is unstoppable South African Rapper ,keep dishing fresh music , multiple genres .He is just undinied .His music has no age limits more
God to SMK s profile anywhe or online google SMK Mbele more
Photo by: SMK-rsa
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S-M-K A Self trained Music Producer,Rapper,Vocalist,Songwritter,
The Versatile Rapper had a special skills in writing a Song & Rapp his Vocalist Ability he obtained it during birth from his mama .SMK has Manage to Work with Zakwe + Musiholiq on a song Phakama (meaning stand Up ) presented by KZN cypher ,He manage to work with Musiholiq & Anzo an a Gawulubheke Remix ,he manage to Remix Eminem s song Beautiful Pain ft Sia Lights by Bad Meet Evil (Eminem Vs Royce Da 59

As early as 15 while i was at junior music was just life ,coming from a poor background whe in my life the was a time when i have to sleep without food in my tummy,I had a moment when i was into smoking dagga while trying to comfort my self but then music takes place and take all that ,now if i want cry i do it through music if i want break the silence about something i do it through music .

SMK is inspired by Eminem particular when Em was starting his career in Music 8Mile Movei & the whole music on 8Mile .SMK can write a song about anything He has composed two Masikhandi Hits tracks more than seven Amapiano Hit tracks ,R&B songs & One Gospel song : SMK is generally inspired by a lot of things Injustice, Political & Poor background .SMK is so obsessed in making music ,music is my way of communicating through with my audiance .This self-taught Rapper has punchlines that you will need to seat down to understand them ,Alterations to make a song even better .SMK Grew up in a musical family beside the fact that most of my elders did not manage to record their music .The Master of Freestyle ,i m promise you once SMK do a Freestyle you could think that its a written songs