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October 10/07/21, 2021
Dan Zalles\' New Album Will Become Your New Resting Place Dan Zalles delivers an extremely versatile and charismatic album, in the midst of the pandemic chaos. Resting Place is a body of work that brings the listener through fives types of genres rolled into one, including upbeat rock, ballads, country, blues and even jazz fusion. Each song can stand alone, and holds a special element of magic, but when all 19 songs are brought together on one album, listeners can see the big picture. Explained by Dan himself, “I mixed them up so that you don't have just one genre and then another and so on…” The lyrics are about different moods and subjects from loneliness and lost love, to joyful positivity.

Dan Zalles exercised his innate story telling ability in tracks like “Driving Through the Wide Open”, while other tracks like “Back in My Bubble” show Zalles’ vulnerability out in the wide open. The song “Leave it to the Night” holds threads of a modern pop Phil Collins sound, and brings you into our favorite track…
“Aint No Stranger Times Than These” is arguably the most raw track on the album, painting a picture of what almost everyone in the world has gone through during the pandemic.

When asked how he got the album title, Dan Zalles says, “there’s a song on the album called ‘Resting Place’ and it’s a little morbid because it’s my reflection on life and death. I wanted to expand the idea of a resting place to represent a place of desire, a place where you might want to end up that captures your passions best.”

Dan didn’t stop once this album was created, he continued to work to bring his fans visuals for the album, which can be found on his Youtube account, right after his popular live performance videos.

Connect with Dan online at, and listen to Resting Place on all streaming platforms.