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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Tito DJ
Influences: West European , India , Middle Eastern
Genres: global bass / fusion / ghetto jazz
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Tito djakaDino Tito Bajramovićwas born in Yugoslavia, grew up on the balkans and living on the sunny side of the Alps. Tito dj is a dj, producer and a musical enthusiast. His style is versatile and open-minded and always dancefloor friendly, but at the same time he is deeply rooted and connected to traditional music, comming from all four corners of the world. As a dj he plays variety of styles fromGlobal BassandBalkan BeatstoTropical bassandMoombahton. As a producer he tries to push the envelope by fusingJazzandEthnostandards with modern contemporary electronic music. If you wont to travel with music and discover new sounds and culturas Tito dj is your musical mesaia.