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Stan Gemes
Influences: India , East European , Asian
Genres: world, ethnic, oriental
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Photo by: Stan Gemes
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Photo by: Stan Gemes
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Photo by: Stan Gemes
Photo by: Stan Gemes
Photo by: Stan Gemes
Stan Gemes - music artist of world, ethnic and oriental music styles. Indian, british and russian cultures with old traditions and deep sounds became source of inspiration for Stanislav.He called his first album «Call of ancient love»: «I decided to pay homage to ancient Indian musical culture that has been able to preserve and convey through millennia beautiful harmony that feed modern music. In our world we have a lot of stress and tension, and it's very important to have even more moments of happiness and joy in our life. My life is such a joy and it becomes even more every time I share it with everyone who listens to my music. Hopefully people will experience more happiness, joy and peace with each song.»