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September 09/14/21, 2021
Chris Karman of Historian Explores the Levels of Depression in “Keep It Inside” Historian the Band, led by Chris Karman, has released his newest single, "Keep It Inside", set to bring the topic of mental health out of the dark and into the open.

“Keep It Inside” is a beautifully melancholic and space rock song with acoustic guitar, synths and a gorgeous string quartet arrangement. Historian’s vocals float through this backdrop and bring an altogether modern touch to an avant garde musical sound.

Historian worked closely together with Richard Conti (The Marches) who arranged the string quartet played by Quartetto Fantastico (Bjork, Flying Lotus).

Karman writes:

“This song is about my tendency to hold my feelings in when I’m feeling overwhelmed or despondent. sometimes it just feels like no one will understand what’s going on inside of me or, worse, that by sharing it I’m just being self-involved. Over time the feelings just boil over into a full-fledged depression.”

This ethereal track with the signature string sounds of Quartetto Fantastico fits in with the vision Karman wishes to explore, of today’s political and cultural climate. With the pandemic, and an almost wartime like atmosphere of lockdowns and political upheavals, “keeping it inside” seems no longer possible.

On Historian’s website, Karman states “The American empire is slowly crumbling in front of us … is it an ending or are we entering a new cycle? I don’t pretend to know.” And this is the type of honesty we all crave from our artists, hence why we should all be keeping our eyes our for this particular artist.

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