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Howard Lyons
United States
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December 2023 #29 - Top 40 for North American Influence Lizzie (track)
September 2023 #26 - Top 40 for North American Influence Oldman Red (track)
February 2023 #40 - Top 40 for North American Influence Lizzie (track)
Photo by: Howard Lyons
About: Live Performance in new Hampshire-USA
Photo by: Howard Lyons
About: Posing in West Virginia-USA
Award-winning Native American songwriter and musician, Howard Lyons is a folk/pop musician, composer, singer, and instrumentalist. His lively upbeat style, thought-provoking songs, and rich vocals have put Howard Lyons on stages all across America and Canada.

Multiple Talents: National Touring Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Composer, Record Producer, Cultural Educator & Lecturer, Iroquois and other Native American history and culture.

As a Musician: Howard Lyons uses contemporary and traditional musical instruments to communicate emotion and to support and preserve the cultural integrity and authenticity of his Native American heritage.

As a Composer: Howard Lyons draws from human emotion and experience where he is able to connect with his listening audience. Carefully selecting the use of contemporary and traditional instruments and voices to compose simple yet dramatic music and songs that touch the hearts and stir the souls of his listeners.

As a Record Producer: Howard Lyons uses his technical knowledge and techniques throughout the recording process as he carefully selects and applies state-of-the-art pro gear to capture the essence of each element of the song and composition. He works closely and creatively with each artist to bring out the best instrumental and vocal performance possible.

An Award-Winning Artist: Howard Lyons is an Award-Winning Mohawk Songwriter, Musician, Vocalist, National Recording Artist, and Iroquois Assembly Lecturer.
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