Imar Shephard
Influences: Caribbean , Latin American , West European
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Many artists struggle to establish their musical identity, laboriously trying on different styles like clothing, hoping to find a genre that comfortably fits. Then there are those, that emerge naturally formed in full command of their craft, their identity and their music. Imar Shephard fits firmly into the latter category.

With a voice that has been described as smooth, soulful and enchanting, Shephard's dulcet tones perfectly illustrate the essence of One Drop, Rhythm & Blues, Roots Rock Reggae and Lover's Rock. His unique sound is not only appreciated by his fellow islanders, but equally prized by a multifarious audience overseas.

Born in the parish of Saint Thomas, Jamaica. Imar Shephard was raised in Richmond Gap, a sleeply nook cocooned in the heart of the famous Blue Mountains. And just like the air that breezes across the valley, good, clean positive and uplifting lyrical content have always been an integral part of Imar Shephard’s profile. Nurtured as he was through the Church Imar Shephard discovered he had a passion for singing at a relatively young age, but never really took the art seriously until he moved to Jamaica's capital city of Kingston in his late teens.

Rolling forward to 2010, Imar Shephard hooked up with singer songwriter and local producer, Colin Demar Edwards more popularly known as 'Demarco' of True Gift Entertainment, the duo recorded and released Shephard's first single “Woman I Need You” in partnership with the Canadian music group 'Rebel House of Music'. The single received heavy rotation both locally and internationally, and so Imar Shephard was introduced to the world. Riding on the wave of that initial singles success, the two artist's went back in to the studio to record the dancehall collaboration 'My Queen'

Releasing his debut album 'Unleashed' late in 2017, the artiste says he's proud to have worked alongside some of Jamaica's more reputable producers including Sheldon 'Calibud' Stewart, Bobby Digital (R.I.P) Colin Edwards [Demarco] and others to compile 13 great tracks that profile his versatility both as a singer and songwriter. Since it's release Shephard has twice taken his production to the forgeign shores of Saint Kitts & Nevis, USA and UK on what were reported to have been extremely successful tours.

Imar Shephard brings a passionate, smooth and wholly engaging performance, that fans will recognize relates directly to his emotive lyrics. Executing songs that connect us humans as family, he embodies all that is topical and compelling about Jamaican life as he knows it. Bringing a unique dimension to the industry, whilst remaining true to his roots and drawing in listeners from around the globe.

Having made a mark on the Jamaican circuit Imar Shephard has graced some of the Islands most notary music festivals, including Capelton's - Saint Mary Mi Come From, Negril's - Stepping High Festival and Clarendon's Annual Rum Fest, as well as recently performing at both the Bob Marley and Dennis Brown annual bithday celebrations both held during Jamaica's illustrious 'Reggae Month' festivities.

Imar Shephard is definitely on the rise. Securing a worthy position in the discourse of many a respected pundit with his soulful voice and evocative style.The buzz is, Imar Shephard has been given the mainstream 'one to watch' baton and is evidently more than capable of taking on the clustered musical marathon road routes with unique vocals and stylistically eclectic material ..

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