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Kryptik Wood

Groovy folk – lyrical songs – dreamy ballads

Kryptik Wood is dedicated to folk music in various forms – old traditionals meet Celtic songs and medieval tunes.

The four musicians, Christian Verspay (guitar, hurdy-gurdy), Jaime Gamero (percussion), Joséphine (harp), and Lamar (guitar, electric guitar), delight with a high technical level and interesting arrangements. All of them come from different genres of music – from classical to metal and jazz to South American folklore – they bring various influences into the band and like to show this in their arrangements and own compositions.

As professional musicians, each one has already played in many projects, also as soloists, and can look back on a long stage experience. Their debut album "Black and Grey" was released in May 2021. Kryptik Wood has recorded a very exciting and varied program with traditional music.

The four musicians complement each other to form a very special musical group and take the listener into another world.
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