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Stevin McNamara
United States
Influences: India , African
Genres: world, raga, yoga, meditation, india, mantra, trance, north indian classical, fusion, east west fusion
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Photo by: Stevin McNamara
About: susnset at laguna beach
Photo by: Stevin McNamara
About: Filming the video for Shakti Sunset - at Laguna Beach
Photo by: Stevin McNamara
About: The Cover for "Shakti Guitar" (A yogic Journey from Radiant Dawn to Deepest Midnight)
Photo by: Stevin McNamara
About: Savasana Yoga Music : Healing Guitar for Massage, Sleep and Yoga Nidra
Stevin McNamara has been playing and recording music for over 40 years.He is in the unique position of being an accomplishedComposer/Musician and a Recording Engineer.This gives him total freedom in any music/recording environment.Born in South Africa, Stevin started learning piano and guitar at the ageof seven. He played solo and in bands all the way through high school.At the age of twenty one, Stevin moved to the United States, where hehad more formal training at Berklee College of Music in Boston Mass.He has been involved in music ever since.Although Stevin grew up with the sounds of African Music, he alsodiscovered Indian Music in the early seventies and studied the Sitar withRam Chakravarty of Benares who was then professor of music atWesleyan College in Connecticut.This diverse exposure to such a broad spectrum of music, ranging fromWorld to Pop has contributed to the unique musical style he hasdeveloped over the years.In the late seventies, after spending considerable time as a sessionmusician in recording studios, Stevin became fascinated with what washappening on the "other side of the glass", namely the recording processitself. This passion developed into a highly successful career as an audioengineer.He has worked in the fields of Popular music World, Folk, Jazz, Film andTelevision in top studios in South Africa, England, and the United States,He is perfectly at home in any State of the Art recording facility, or LiveSound scenario, even at Stadium Concert level. He is qualified to teachAudio engineering at College level.Stevin has worked with well- known producers such as Robert John "Mutt"Lange and a huge spectrum of recording artists (see Artist List from Paul Winter to Tina Turner- from Bryan Adams to Zakir Hussein.He now lives In Ashland Oregon where he spends his time doingfreelance recording, original music production, live performances....... and Organic gardening.Solo CD Releases."Shanti Guitar" - Released April 2012 - White Swan Records"Prana Groove" - Released Feb 2011 - White Swan Records"Om Guitar- Acoustic Meditation Music" - released April 2008 - Sounds True .prior releases include:“Caroline Myss Chakra Meditation Music” - Sounds True .“Hafiz - The Scent of Light” - Sounds Trueand “Yogitar” - Etherean Music.Stevin's Music has also been recently released on various compilationsPutumayo's - "World Yoga" - 2012White Swan - "Meditative Massage Music: Healing Instrumentals for Peace & Quiet" - 2012White Swan - "Savasana Yoga Music: Healing Instrumentals & Singing Bowls for Meditation & Relaxation" - 2012White Swan - "Spa Relaxation Music: Soothing Spa Sounds for Serenity " - 2012Seva Foundation - "Poised to Give" - 2012Ambition Entertainment, Australia - "Yoga Yoga Yoga - 2013.