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A 'never-heard' creativity of ethno leads, fusion vocals, hypnotic rhythms, majestic instrumental question-answers, and unison.

GHARANA's researched work has a diversified taste laden with Bansuri-Cajon-Ghungroo combinations, Bass-Tabla recitals, Khamak-Ocarina parts, multi-rhythm patterns, unique fade-ins and fade-outs, breathtaking Sawal-Jawabs (instrumental question-answer) and Jugalbandis (unison), with expressive classic Bandishes, Alaaps (intros), Bols (rhythm notes), and Sargams (song notes).

GHARANA warms up with soothing Bandishes and reaches its height with electrifying stage performances, thus keeping the audience in an ethereal charm of its smoothly crafted sound design.
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