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United States
July 07/18/22, 2022
VENNA  Takes Us to \ VENNA is the new vision of Edmonton-based indie alt-pop artist, Shay Esposito. At the age of 15, VENNA (then Shay Esposito) was the youngest recipient of the Rawlco Radio 10k/20 grant. At 16, she recorded and released her first album, For Annie.
Exercising her passion for evocative lyricism, “Nirvana” is about using somebody to perpetuate self-abuse. Inspired by the concept of masochism as a defense mechanism, it’s about choosing to continue an unhealthy relationship because gratification provides a sense of control.

Listen in here:

Pulling inspiration from classic poets, fantasy literature, and countless powerful women bringing “anti-pop” to the mainstream, her music serves to provoke thought and emotion; as an aspiring author as well, she takes great care in crafting her lyrics to this end.