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Influences: Caribbean
Genres: carribean, african, latin, blues, soul, funk, rock
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Photo by: DJOKLA
Photo by: DJOKLA
Photo by: DJOKLA
Photo by: DJOKLA
Photo by: DJOKLA
Creole music, like every music, has a history.

Strengthened by his culture and eager to introduce it to the world,DJOKLAoffers us an opus colorful, mixed and plural. A beautiful reflection of his life and experiences.

Thanks to a long musical path through styles and above all thanks to rich human exchanges, it is with great lovingkindness that he transmit us his message: Culture is a treasure that grows by being shared.

«Kaladja, Quadrille, Haute taille, etc, mingled with Rock, Blues, Funk, all complemented by a great dose ofDJOKLA!»Here is the recipe of the successfull GROOV' KRÉYÒLDJOKLA offers us.

Aconcentrate of Caribean music like you never heard it before !