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Orchestre Toubab
Influences: African , Latin American
Genres: afrotropical jazz
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Photo by: Orchestre Toubab
About: Teeru Deggoo Front Cover
Photo by: Orchestre Toubab
About: Teeru Deggoo Back Cover
Photo by: Orchestre Toubab
About: Orchestre Toubab + Aida Dao
From Africa to the Americas: a jazzy journey inspired by the Afro-descendant heritage :

Orchestre Toubab was founded in 2010. It is an acoustic fusion afrotropical jazz quartet.

Taking inspiration from the rich repertoire of modes and rhythms of Africa and it’s diaspora, it creates original music with a jazz attitude.

Warm melodies, contrasted arrangements and a large amount of improvisation blend in an irresistible tropical cocktail for an audience that doesn’t worry too much about musical barriers.

Orchestre Toubab’s music is consciously eclectic: energetic Senegalese mbalax, uneven rhythms from Rwanda, the coolness of Jamaica or Brazil, the dramatic intensity of the Tango or the Blues, etc

Although basically an instrumental combo, Orchestre Toubab may invite singers from Burkina Faso or Senegal on specific songs, for added excitement and as an indispensable link to the African roots.

The band is based in Brussels. It’s name refers to the way Europeans are called in West-Africa (“toubabs”) and is a friendly reference to the famous Senegalese band ‘Orchestre Baobab’.