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Jeremy Davis
February 02/26/20, 2020
Fueled by late nights in basement studios and frequent runs to the local café for coffee, Pyramid Tropic is a study in contrasts. The group’s music is percussive, synth-based dance music. One member is known as the singer/songwriter of a Toronto-based indie pop band while the other is recognized for designing music production software used by programmers working with Bjork, Coldplay and Depeche Mode. Their new single “Last Forever,” has been garnering praise from fans and critics alike...and with good reasoning.

The chemistry was instant and the creative rush resulted in a flood of tracks being completed in their respective studios. The initial reaction to their music was positive with The Wild Honey Pie describing first single, My Destroyer, as a “dirty synth pop gem”. Sensing that this was a completely new musical direction for them, the duo has performed mainly in Europe at the legendary electronic club Katine am Berghain in Berlin, the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, the Great Escape Festival in Brighton, the Water Rats Theatre in London and for the Toronto International Film Festival. A series of singles, EPs and remixes will be released in 2020.

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