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Comes together in a brilliance that you don't find very often."
Sarah Ward, Jazz FM

"It's really difficult to convey how heartbreaking it is to listen to this beautiful record that you suddenly become fond of as if it were a matter of the heart or of a rediscovered friendship: a real surprise that I struggle to communicate out of modesty, such is the sweetness and the originality that exudes from every single note and word."
Stefano Di Bianchi, Blow Up Magazine Italy

"Beehive" is another cosmic vision; the new album by Jono Heyes, a humanitarian New Zealand multi-instrumentalist, projects the image of a hive of acoustic bees that pollinate the environment in all its extent and intensity.
Kiko Helguera, National Radio Spain

“This passionate melange of flamenco, Cuban son, and jazz offers a tantalizing foretaste of the album to come.”
Mark Sampson, Sounds and Colours (Cantar la Guitarra)

"Jono Heyes grabs your attention with building blocks assembled in totally novel and unexpected ways."
Petr Doruzka, UniJazz and The National Radio Czech Republic

“These songs are not just melodies, songs, but deeply felt experiences, like images of the soul.”
Jodok W. Kobelt, Global Sounds Magazine Switzerland

Jono Heyes hails from the rugged mountainous backcountry of Otago, New Zealand. Now based in the Czech Republic, he lives on his own land in a Gypsy Wagon full of instruments on the edge of the Bohemian Forest.

Over the last decade, he has released six border-crossing albums, including 9 Pilgrims, for which he was nominated for Best Folk Artist in 2019 for the New Zealand Music Award.

For his upcoming album, Beehive, to be released in September 2023, Heyes worked in his own Beehive Studio with a team of 7 musicians, including triple Emmy nominee Trevor Coleman, and recorded with multi-Grammy Award-winning sound engineer and producer Jerry Boys.
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