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Gypsy Dynamite
United Kingdom
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January 2023 #36 - Top 40 for Gypsy Influence L'Italiano (Toto Cutugno) (track)
November 2022 #40 - Top 40 for Gypsy Influence L'Italiano (Toto Cutugno) (track)
March 2021 #39 - Top 40 for Gypsy Influence It Don't Mean A Thing (Duke Ellington) (track)
Photo by: Gypsy Dynamite
About: Gypsy Dynamite
The soul of Gypsy Dynamite, Filippo and Giulio, explode onto the stage with sizzling guitar, unique and fresh arrangements of traditional Gypsy swing, Italian and Spanish music, and memorable 'million sellers'; Gypsy Dynamite style! The band was originally formed as a duo by Giulio Romano Malaisi and Filippo Dall'Asta in London in 2012. Since then, the young and dynamic foundation of Gypsy Dynamite, Giulio and Filippo, have been playing in the most prestigious venues across London and in Europe too, receiving great feedback from each venue and audience they've entertained.

Going from strength to strength, they have formed the Quartet, which drove Le QuecumBar (the world's most famous Gypsy Jazz venue) to produce a live, excitingly hot, and high-energy recording, the 9th album in Le Q Record's magical musical catalogue. And for (probably) the first time in history, they have introduced the traditional Indian Sitar to Gypsy Swing, combining the rhythms of Gypsy with the exciting sparkling elegance of the Indian subcontinent.
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