January 01/28/22, 2022
Real Stormin\' Norman\'s Newest Album is Playing Up a Storm You may know Real Stormin' Norman's lead man, Norman Zamcheck, from his decades of writing and performing. Starting in the 1970's in New York City's music scene as Stormin' Norman and Suzy, which was named by the New York Times "hottest act in town" at the time, Norman has performed with the likes of Tom Waits, Taj Mahal, Tracy Nelson, The Allman Brothers, and Coco Taylor, just to name a handful. He's performed at Carnegie Hall as well as written scores for several movies and off-Broadway shows. Needless to say, Norman has had a successful musical career.

His newest album, 'Euphoria,' is culmination of all his years of music, in style and lyrics. He says his whole life trajectory has led to the creation and release of this album. The 6 song album features the sounds of New Orleans, blues, and some Latin influences, all of which has been Norm's unique sound for decades, only this time, it's all in one place, and in each song.

His songs are more like narratives, or short stories, rather than the traditional verse and chorus. He uses the music of his jazz and big band sound to guide the listener through the story. He keeps you interested with the lyrics, though the music itself is what keeps us coming back for more. The way each instrument harmonizes with each other is incredibly difficult to do, yet Real Stormin' Norman makes it sound easy. He is a masterful composer and writer who knows what he's doing.

"For me It’s all about the magic of the piano keyboard & its infinite possibilities; all about the amazing melodies that can spin up from chords and rhythms, all about the countless stories that need to be sung, all about the pure magic, the colors and shading great musicians add to a song, and most important, the soul and spirit of a great singer," says Norm. "I am thrilled to be able to offer 'Euphoria,' and am already planning our next release."

Listen to 'Euphoria' here: