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Roger Aldridge
A new video has been added to my page.  It presents six of my original compositions for mid-size jazz ensemble. Think of it as a virtual concert. The visuals are only title screens and one photo for each piece. Please focus on the music. Imagine that you are in an audience listening to a performance by a live band. If you are not able to watch the video's 23-minute length at one time, take it in segments. more
Over the weekend Nancy and I went to the Four Seasons Bookstore in Shepherdstown, WV. As I looked through the used book section, a particular book jumped out at me. It was  Emergence  by Steven Johnson (2001). As Johnson describes, emergence is what happens when an interconnected system of relatively simple elements self-organizes to form more intelligent, more adaptive higher-level behavior. It is a bottom-up model rather than being engineered from top-down. Emergence begins at the ground level when agents residing on one level start producing behavior that lies on a scale above them.​ This is exactly how I envision deep changes coming about in today's world. That is, largely through grassroots collaborative movements springing up as more people begin to remember who and what they are (as spiritual beings currently having a human life on Earth). As this happens, we will naturally outgrow deeply entrenched social divisions. Interestingly, this is also one of my core music concepts in how I envision ensembles going beyond what is written on the page to create music collectively that is fresh and different each time it is performed. I have had this vision for many years and now there is a word for it. more
David Arivett died on March 23rd. He was one of my closest music friends even though he lived in Arkansas and I only knew him on Facebook. For those who know my music, you will know David's name. For the past 5+ years he recorded many of my scores and tunes. Each recording is a gem. And, David was a person who would have been a great friend in real life. I will be forever grateful to him. Here is a message that his son posted at the Jazz Arranging group that David started on Facebook: "My name is Aaron Arivett and I am David Arivett’s son. On behalf of my dad I wanted to share that on March 23rd he passed away due to complications related to a heart attack. He was incredibly passionate about all music, but certainly had a great love of Jazz. It inspired him to found this group, along with others, as a means of sharing the creative and meaningful with fellow colleagues and friends. He was my mentor, idol, father and friend. I’ll cherish that relationship for the rest of my life. We are forever grateful for his love, indelible spirit, passion, sense of humor and musical genius that we will endeavor to continue through the lives we lead moving forward." The last recording that David made for me was  New Tango No. 7 . He finished it in February. It occurred to me that it might be among the last recordings he created. Right off the bat, you will hear David's joy and sense of fun. He used only my lead sheet for the recording and put much of himself into the music.   more
An article about my music background and my tune Eastern Neck Island was written for the Winter 2018 edition of the Rookery (publication of the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge). Winter 2018 Rookery Interview   Here is the recording of Eastern Neck Island .   more
I am primarily a jazz composer.  A wide range of influences are found in my music including tango, blues, samba, fusion, ragtime, contemporary classical, American roots music, and other kinds of music that interest me.   Listed in International Who's Who in Music. Independent artist. A selection of my music is available for TV, film, theater, and other uses through Directional Musi... more
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