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Photo by: AURELIO
Photo by: AURELIO
Photo by: AURELIO
Photo by: AURELIO
Photo by: AURELIO
Photo by: AURELIO
Singer-songwriter, guitarist, and percussionist, Aurelio Martinez, also known as AURELIO, is one of Central America's most gifted performers. Born in Honduras, the artist is known for his powerful and evocative voice. He is a major tradition-bearer and represents the Garifuna Nation worldwide through his music. Aurelio is the Garifuna superstar and is considered nowadays as the Cultural Ambassador of the Garifuna nation.

The Garinagu, commonly known as the Garifuna, are people of Amerindian and West African descent who live along the coasts of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The original home of the Garifuna is St. Vincent (one of the Windward Islands in the West Indies) from which they were deported in 1796 by the British government and landed on Roatan Island, situated in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Aurelio released 4 albums: Lita Ariran (1995), Garifuna Soul (2004), Laru Beya (2011), and Landini (2014), and participated in two other Garifuna albums, Paranda (1999) and Watina (2007).

His latest album LANDINI (Stonetree Records, Real World Records) was named to multiple 2014 year-end critics: #3 The Sunday Times Ten Best World Music Albums of 2014, #3 fRoots Critic's Poll New Albums of 2014, #2 World Music Central, Best World Music Albums 2014, Songlines 10 Best Albums of the Year 2014, Curious Animal Best Albums of 2014, #1 Songlines 50 Greatest World Music Albums of the Last Five Years.

In 2015, he celebrates the 30th anniversary of his career.

Aurelio launches his new album on January 17, 'DARANDI', a collection of Aurelio's favorite songs from his career recorded to capture the sound of his incendiary live performances, accompanied by some of the Garifuna world's brightest musical talents.

"We are not going to let this culture die. I must continue my ancestors' legacy and find new ways to express it. Few people know about it, but I adore it, and it's something I must share with the world.
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