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JALEBI Music.....Summertime! JALEBI is HOT !!! :)) JALEBI Music greets the summer ...and YOU.....with open hearts and bright smiles!       PLUS....we have just the song to put that dip in your hip...and that glide in your stride! :))   ........"Holy Sweets!"  ....A high energy song with a mesmerizing beat! Holy Sweets! Hot Jalebis! Delicious....easy listening pleasure! Ready for you! BUT.....what are jalebis? Wha... more
 \ "Universal Family" which is on our second CD "Kaleidoscope", is another one of our songs that connects with many people..... and we know why! :)) The main reason is because the message in this song is an invitation for everyone to respect each other.......not just "tolerate"!  Yes, to see everyone with transcendental eyes that truly recognize the differences that make each of us unique b... more
JALEBI Music.....Celebrates .......Sri Narasimha Jayanthi !!! Sri Narasimha Jayanthi (May 23, 2013)!   "Narasimha" ...........3D Artist: Shyam Vyda   Sri Narasimha Dev Ki Jaya! ...... VIDEO TRIBUTE ......JALEBI Music CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO! Enjoy! :)  VIDEO: "Namaste Narasimhaya" (JALEBI Music) more
JALEBI MUSIC……Maha Mantra (Love is the Key) …Sacred Chant for Deliverance!! "MAHA MANTRA"......the great or sacred chant for deliverance                                 Maha means “great” and mantra means “sacred chant for deliverance.” Of all mantras in the Vedas, one is called the maha-mantra, or great mantra: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna Kr... more
 All about JALEBI Music and its three founding band members! - Shirley Marie Bradby (MiraBai Devi Dasi): lead singer, lyrics - Ramananda Roy: bass, double bass, synth, gorooves, percussions, harmonium, sitar - Yasoda Nanda: acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, dobro, grooves and loops, virtuals   SHIRLEY MARIE BRADBY aka MIRABAI DEVI DASI Shirley Marie Bradby aka MiraB... more
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